Only a few kilometers away from Argos, our farm is located between the villages of Borsia & Malantreni at an altitude of 300 meters. In a green area near Mycenae Acropolis and next to the old watermill with a rich flora and fauna, we are one of the few farms that all sides are adjacent to wild vegetation. Thymes, arbutus, holly oaks and other plants create a natural wall protecting us from being contaminated by different farming methods.


The farm was bought in 1969 and this is when the cultivation of 220 almond trees and the production of about 2000 kilos of almond a year begins, while several olive trees are planted or grafted on its borders.

In 1972, our father Giorgos Athanasopoulos, cofounder of ‘Athanasopoulos’ patisseries, absorbs 100% of the annual production of the farm for many years. However, the heavy workload in the patisserie and the irrigation problem, which became more and more intense, forced us to inactivate the cultivation.

In 2005 the almond trees were weeded out, followed by a 7-year fallow.


In 2012 we launched a new promising cultivation, the sea-buckthorns (Hippophae L.), not for the high profits advertised but for the benefits that their consumption offers. The olive tree, the sacred tree of our country, is also very special for us. Our grandfather planted olive trees, our father took care of them and we are called to cultivate them in the same natural – organic way so as to deliver them to the next generation. Also, we have added a wide variety of fruit trees that can be used in the patisserie such as: pears, figs, plums, pomegranates, walnuts, almonds, as well as vines and aromatic plants such as lavender, oregano, sage. The thyme and savory are found wild in large quantities with excellent flavour. All these reasons establish certainty that our products are the best of what can be produced in our farm and always with the certified organic farming method.

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