The cultivation method is very important for us and for the quality of the products we produce; hence we chose to adopt the method of organic farming, with respect to nature, which offers solutions itself for the difficulties that we may face in our cultivation, as well as the consumer who deserves better quality of food.

We are currently aware of and we constantly learn even more about how food will come to our kitchen keeping their beneficial properties and nutrients. Besides, the more you know about how a product is produced the better view and judgment you have on the selection of raw materials. When you are aware of all the stages a fruit goes through, price stops being at the top of the selection criteria and the product’s picture changes.

It is exceptionally impressive for a confectioner to grow an almond tree and to use its fruits for a dessert – the Marzipan.

This may be seen as an innovation, but certainly it is not an innovation for us.  Back in the 70s, our father Giorgos Athanasopoulos did precisely this, without projection, without modern equipment, only with love for what he did.  After 45 years in the field of pastry, his name and reputation, but also the philosophy he left as a weapon, justifies his labours.

Nowadays, cultivating this new plant to our country, the sea-buckthorns (Hippophae L.), with rich nutrients for our body, we will try to continue with the same philosophy, creating new products. This will be the presentation area of our work. With slow but stable steps we will see all the production stages of a product from its birth to its consumption.

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