Honey is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthy foods. Hippocrates and all the doctors of ancient times recommended it as a medicine in many cases due to its antibacterial, fungistatic and antioxidant action. The peculiarity of the Greek nature is the wealth of its plant – more than 6,000 plant species have been registered- offering viscous honeys with varying characteristic flavours, aromas and colours.

Το Μέλι

More than 100 species of different plants are involved in the final composition of the Greek honey, for it is rich in organoleptic characteristics of great biological properties, classifying it among the best quality honeys in the world.

Species of Apicultural Plants In Greece

Species Growing in the Farm

The Population in a Hive

Flowers Visited by a Bee Daily


The Value

In the farm we apply the static beekeeping which is believed to provide high quality products. We take honey mainly from three different plants, thyme, heather and arbutus. We all know that thyme honey is the best and most well-known type produced in Greece. The wonderful flavour, the distinctive aroma and the amber colour classify it as a top choice, as it is an excellent quality honey.

The pine honey, from autumn heather, is of reddish colour, it crystallizes quickly (1-3 months) and is very nutritious and exceptionally tonic for the human body.

The arbutus honey tastes bitter, is of dark bronze colour, rich aroma and also crystallizes quickly (2-4 months). In recent years, when its properties became known (rich in minerals and vitamins with high nutritional value), it has enthusiastic fans looking for it in health food stores.  The last two are also excellent food for our bees in their preparations for wintering. That is why our harvest in autumn is limited and is made with respect to the bee.

Organic farming and the rich biodiversity of the area in wild vegetation of inaccessible region guarantees our beehives a rich and excellent environment and, certainly, honey of exceptional quality for us.


The Innovation

We combined our honey with the sea buckthorn fruit, creating an innovative product rich in nutrients with a distinctive flavour.  Two superfoods together in a luxurious package.

  • World Food Production Depends On The Insects – Pollinators 35% 35%
  • World Food Made From 100 items Crops. The 71 pollinated by bees. 90% 90%
  • Bee EU Has Greece (3rd place). 16% 16%
  • Of Plant Species Helps Fertilization Of The Bumblebee. 65% 65%


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