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The “Plumolive” is the revival of a very old greek variety of olives.It is considered that its roots are in the ancient greek variety “orhas” or “orhemon’ known from the bibliograthy of ancient Greek writers. Its systematic cultivation started and developed in the area of Argolida and east Arkadia,in the coast of the Argolic Gulf.

It is a tree that produces the biggest olive fruit (it can reach up to 20gr per piece) and it is known in the area as “Donkeyolive”. “Plumolives” have a very special shape and taste. They also have a strong flavour and rich flesh. We collect the best olive fruit from our olive groves in the area of Mycenae and Velanidia.

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The Plumolive


Cultivation Of Plumolive

Our farms has been characterized by the maps of the greek government as those of high natural value. We cultivate them with organic methods which respect the environment but we also provide small quantities of “Plumolives” of conventional cultivation.


Natural Olives Fermentation

Our olives are made with the old, traditional way. Without any chemical additives we let the olive fruit in the water with salt and the time completes the fermentation of the olive. For many months the olive stays in our barrels with small but valuable interference (secrets of the family tradition).

After the completion of the procedure we provide a unique Greek traditional product. If you want to combine innovation with tradition, we recommend baked olives. The rich scents which are released during the baking are perfectly combined with each other. You can find limited quantities of our products on our e-shop and in selected places.

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